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Hi everyone and welcome to Holiday Escape Travel. We are very excited to be writing our very first Blog and even more excited to be writing about the world of travel.

About Us    

We are a Husband and Wife team who understands how much joy traveling can bring. I am Peter and I am 53 years old and born in Australia. My wife is Francisca and she is 33 years old and born in the beautiful Philippines. We married in 2014 and live in New South Wales Australia. We enjoy our family and love to go traveling when we can, in fact we will be returning to the Philippines in April 2018 for 3 weeks to see family, attend my brother in laws wedding and to do some exploring (we may even pop over to Hong Kong for a visit?)


About our Travel Website

At Holiday Escape Travel we wanted to be able to help people create their dream holiday. We use a very powerful search engine that will find you the very lowest air fares and hotel accommodation on the internet. I was blown away at the savings that you can make by using this comprehensive comparison search engine, in fact we were so impressed we bought this website. We only wish we had discovered this a few months ago when we purchased our air fares to Manila. We have found we could of saved as much as $200 per ticket by using our search engine.

To make us a one stop holiday website we also have a online travel accessories shop which has many must have items for traveling locally or internationally. So literally you can purchase your tickets, your hotel accommodation, get your travel accessories, and coming very soon you will also be able to organize a hire car. Then all you need to do is ensure you have the appropriate visa (if going overseas), check any travel warnings and get some travel insurance which we highly recommend and then have a hassle free holiday.

Travel with us and Save

If you have any questions please send a email and we will answer very promptly. We are always happy to assist you.

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