Save money flying major airlines – 5 Travel hacks

Travel hacks for saving money when flying the major airlines. No doubt that flying with the major airlines will cost you more than the budget carriers. Both major airlines and budget carriers have their place in the industry. Be aware of the small print when flying budget carriers and know exactly what you get for your money.

Here are a few things to do to Save money flying major airlines

  1. Looking for sale fares is the first thing to do and the most obvious. Sale fares do offer great discounts but read the fine print about in regards to cancellations or changing your flights.
  2. Book your flights on a Monday or Tuesday as this is when most of the airlines release their sale prices
  3. Fly (if you can) on a Wednesday as this is typically the cheapest day to fly
  4. Don’t book your flights too early or too late (that will cost you money). Three to Four months prior to your desired travel date is the time to book
  5. Search online using our comprehensive comparison search engine that will be guaranteed to find you the best prices on flights.

travel hacks

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