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South East Asia – Where will you go?


The climate in Southeast Asia is mainly tropical–hot and humid all year round with plentiful rainfall. Northern Vietnam and the Myanmar Himalayas are the only regions in South East Asia that feature a subtropical climate, which has a cold winter with snow.


The Indonesian Government requires nationals from most countries to purchase a tourist visa on arrival at one of the main air or sea ports. A 7-day transit visa on arrival (at pretty much all common entry points) costs around US$10 and a 30 day visa costs US$35 per person (have the cash on you, in exact change US$ helps).

A 30 day visa is extendable for another 30 days (a time consuming process). Be aware that Immigration officials calculate the 30-day period as follows: your arrival day is counted as your first day, and you must leave the country on the 30th or 60th day! After 60 days it is US$20 a day fine if you overstay.

The cost in advance varies depending on the country of application, but seems to be about $35-60US depending on where you apply and where you are from. In the case of Bali you can get a visa exemption, but you will need to show an onward ticket as this visa cannot be extended.

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