expert travel tips when travelling overseas

expert travel tips when travelling overseas

Travelling Overseas?

Planning every step is key to a hassle free holiday. In today’s Blog we will give you a list of things you must consider or do prior to travelling overseas. Sometimes when planning our holiday the excitement can be very great that we can forget even the most obvious things. So take your time to plan and don’t rush this stage is our key piece of advice to ensure a happy and problem free holiday.

Decide your destination – There are so many wonderful places in the world to consider, so how do you decide where to go? The first thing to consider of course is your budget and how much you have to spend on your overall holiday. This is where many South East Asian Countries can be fantastic value! Countries like the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia just to name a few provide a perfect destination for everyone from backpackers to honeymooners to Families. These Countries are beautiful to explore, shopping can be fantastic, food is unbelievable and the people are friendly and the culture so interesting. The currency conversion rate to many South East Asian Countries means your daily expenses whilst there are very low.

 Travel warnings and Visas – This step is very important. Always check for any travel warnings on a regular basis in the lead up to your holiday as these warnings can change. It is in your best interest to adhere to these travel warnings for your own safety. Before you embark on your adventure check to see if the Country or Countries you are travelling to require a visa. Some Countries allow you to enter without a visa for a certain period of time. Best to check so you don’t get caught out at the last minute!

Do you need Vaccinations? – This is one many people don’t think about and it can save you getting very sick on your holiday and possibly having to return home early. Check with your GP when you know where you will be travelling Overseas, and if possible do this 4 to 5 months before travel. Some vaccinations like the Hep B vaccines come in a three dose series so to speak and they will be administered at certain intervals which generally are over 3 months. So be smart and check well in advance.

Research your destination – Knowing what to expect when you arrive is very important and things like organizing some local currency on hand for when you arrive may be very important. You may need a taxi to get from the airport to the Hotel and this will just save a tired traveler unexpected issues. Know the sites you would like to see or visit while you are on your holiday and check for reviews prior to leaving to see what other travelers experiences were.

Finding the best flight and hotel deals – Obviously this is very important as this will differ greatly between travel sites and travel agents. Lets be honest here, some travel agents want to make as much commission as they can, so they may not promote the very cheapest prices. Travel websites are also not all the same. The search engines vary in what they pick up. Some don’t include budget air carriers because they may not get a commission from them. Here at Holiday Escape Travel we include all air carriers so that our customers get the very best prices possible on Air fares and Hotels. So we suggest you check the others and then compare on our site, you will save.

Your Passport – Some people don’t realize you need to have at least 6 months left on your passports expiry date or customs won’t clear you to leave (for many Countries). So if at the time of travel you will have less than 6 months on your passport you need to renew it before you go.

Travel Insurance – This is a must before you go. Many places you can organize travel insurance up to 12 months prior to leaving. No one can predict the future and if you fall ill or in an accident it can be very costly to get treatment or be brought back to your Country for treatment. It’s not expensive but my advice is don’t risk it! There are many places offering Travel insurance so take your time to shop around for the best deal.

Travel Luggage – Ensure you have strong luggage that will last the distance and rigors of travel and use locks (TSA approved is best). Also ensure that your carry on luggage and baggage meets the requirements of travel for the particular airline and flight you have chosen. All the information will be available at the time of purchasing your flights, so become familiar with weight limits etc.

Finally – Give a relative or close friend a copy of your itinerary before travelling overseas. In case something goes wrong it is helpful that they know what area you will be in on a particular day. You can also register your travel plans through smart traveler here.





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