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Find Cheap flights to the Philippines

You may ask is it even possible to find cheap flights to the Philippines or anywhere in the world for that matter? The brief answer is that there are variables at play you need to consider when you want to find cheap flights to the Philippines. Booking too far away from the date you want to travel or booking too close to the time you want to travel will make it hard to get the best price. There is a sweet spot in booking any international flights and that is around the three to four months prior to traveling. Also consider booking your Flight on a Tuesday and travel on a Wednesday to bring about the best possible prices.

Choosing the airline

Weighing up your options here is important. Do you want to fly a more well known carrier where you get in flight entertainment, food and drinks and a blanket to keep you warm? or do you want to travel on a budget carrier where you have to pay extra for meals and have no in flight entertainment and probably have to pay extra for check in luggage? If you can live without all the frills of flying then the budget carriers  will offer great value if you use the tips mentioned above. The prices from Sydney Australia for example can be as low as $300 AU return to Manila. Now unless you are a backpacker you will need to pay a little extra for your check in luggage, but this option still provides a fantastic deal.

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Hot Deals to the Philippines

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