Amazing Overseas Holidays on a budget at Holiday Escape Travel

It is possible to have an amazing Overseas holiday on a Budget

In this Blog we will show you that it is possible to have an amazing overseas holiday on a budget.

Many people believe to travel overseas is out of their price range and just can’t afford it. So the result is they never seriously entertain the idea of experiencing a new and exciting Country to visit.

The fact is that there are many wonderful destinations throughout the world where you can get budget airfares and budget accommodation, and where the currency exchange rate is very favorable to the country you live in. For example, if you live in United States you may look at Countries in South East Asia such as the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia to name a few. In the Philippines the exchange rate currently is around 50 pesos per US Dollar. In Australia it is around 39 pesos per Australian Dollar. What this means is you get more bang for your buck! Everything from Accommodation to food and travel becomes much cheaper while you are there.

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So lets put this Holiday together

Right here at Holiday Escape Travel you have everything you need to search and find the very best prices available on airfares and accommodation and then easily purchase your amazing overseas holiday. Our comprehensive search engine will compare thousands of fares and Hotels for whichever destination you choose. You can check my YouTube video here where I give a quick run down on how to easily do this. The video will explain how we put together a 10 day holiday for two people visiting amazing Philippines for well under $2000 AU. After watching this video you will no longer have any excuses not to have an amazing overseas holiday.

Plan Ahead

To have a fantastic holiday overseas (or romantic getaway) every couple of years is absolutely possible just by saving $20 AU per week. Absolutely most people can afford to do this. I mean, how much per week do you spend on coffee or lunches? My point is most people can find a way to save $20 per week if they really want to experience the wonders other Countries have to offer. You can view my overseas travel checklist here.

But we need at this point to say that if you haven’t been out of your Country before there will be some additional costs involved to get a passport, vaccinations (depending on which Country you decide to travel to), Visa’s (if that Country requires it), Travel insurance is a must and sturdy luggage is important.

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